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Financial strategies. Not exactly two words creative business owners love to hear.

As you grow your business, you start to think more like a CEO…like a founder. Part of that is taking a deeper look at your revenue and sales projections, instead of winging it on a hope and a prayer.

Understanding your numbers is simply a way of understanding how well your business is helping you reach your vision and goals.

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21 Things you can automate in your creative business

Have you ever felt frustrated because you haven't crossed off every 'to do' for the day?

Have you felt unproductive because you only completed 80% of the things you needed to do?

It's difficult not to be so hard on ourselves. A lot of pressure comes with being a one-woman business. But we don't have to do All The Things. If we can automate some of the small tasks that pile up, we can save ourselves time and stress!

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